Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Water

30 Apr 2018 | |

When it comes to investment options, there are a number of obvious choices such as energy, telecommunications, new startups and even agriculture. However, something as vital as water is more often than not deemed a risky hand to play considering how many countries are going through droughts lately. It is therefore important to note that you can hardly go wrong when placing your bet on the most valuable commodity in the world. I mean, I hardly think the phrase ‘water is life’ came to be an accident.

You are probably wondering why you should look into this in the first place. What exactly would you be gaining? How do you even trade water?

Over thirteen billion hectares of global land is dedicated to crop production. With flower production, corn and rice fields as well as the ever growing demand for fresh, organic produce, there is more demand for irrigation than ever. With the climate change being what it is, large scale agricultural production can no longer depend on the rain and since being positioned conveniently downstream is probably not going to suit a large scale farmer, irrigation has been the way to go for many farmers, and this includes people living in desert prone areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. With a market this big, water stocks seem like quite the profitable idea, doesn’t it?’

Here’s the thing, water trading is not only a worthy investment, it is a sure deal owing to horticulture and the growing agricultural industry. In addition, investing in water does not only mean putting your money in the clear liquid that comes from a running tap. It also means getting your money in such products that complement water investment such as irrigation equipment and services, to get started you will need to get in contact with a few water trading companies to see which brokers offer you the best rate .

Now that we have talked about how much of the world needs irrigation, let us look at just how much water farmers consume. On average, plants need around five gallons per ten square feet every ten days. Of course, farms with higher yields need a whole lot more and let us not even get started on crops that literally grow in water such as rice. 

Lastly, your water broker may or may not present this option but it is safe to put it out there. Agriculture and irrigation should not be the culmination of your investment options. With the number of large water bodies we have in the world, green energy is more than a viable option. Setting up a wind and water turbine on a beach can be more beneficial than most people think. You can offer residents that live on the coastline electricity generated from the turbines and create employment for the local communities. This will be a welcome venture, especially to marginalised communities in developing countries. Yes, it may cost a little more than simply getting your broker to put all the money you hand them into water stocks but, it will have significantly high returns. Besides, this will be an investment in the earth’s future for as the native Americans say, we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors but merely borrow it from our children. 

With all these in mind, what would be your vote when it comes to investing in water, yay or nay? As a person with a vested interest in water, the money you will put in water as a commodity will give you generous returns, click here to find out more. Obviously, my vote would be a loud, resounding, yes!

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How to get the best Cruise Deals in Sydney

It is really a good idea to get a nice cruise deal in Sydney. Getting a good cruise deal will help you to enjoy a nice cruising experience at a greatly affordable rate.


Where to get a cheap cruise deal

One step to getting a good cruise deal depends on knowing where and when to get it. If you know where to search for it, it would surely help you. It would mean a great difference to you. The keyword here is to get a good cruise rate at a price that will not break the bank; at a price you can afford.

To get a good cruise deal, some people meet their trusted travel agent, others search the internet, and others also search through referrals or by contacting those that have sailed within a couple of hours ago. There are many ways you can get a cheap cruise deal.

Four tips to getting better cruise deals

Let us give you some tips that will enable you to get a cheap cruise deal. Just follow the instructions on this website carefully, and there is a possibility that you will get a surprise cheap deal.

  • Tweet your way to amazing discounts – most tech-savvy people are optimising this to their advantage. They are using this is to get better cruise bargains. Some of the cruise lines are always tweeting about their best cruise deals on twitter. You can customize as many cruise line deals as possible, and check them out before placing your order. In this way, you will likely enjoy some discounts.
  • Request for their cruise deals in your inbox- you can subscribe to some of these cruise lines and agencies. In this way, they will be sending you their latest short sales and deals in your inbox. If you are someone that don’t like to be receiving series of mails from cruise lines, you can just set up a separate account where you will be receiving bargain mailings or savings.
  • Always visit cruise deals sites daily- one of the ways you can get better cruise deals is by visiting some of these sites on a daily basis. Some of them offer cool deals to some of their clients occasionally. While some provides discounts if you are travelling with one or more people. Some sites provides coupon for those that would love to use it and book for ship cruise.
  • Book ahead of time- if you wish to get a better cruise, it is necessary that you book ahead of time. Most times you may not really get good cruise deals if you would be sailing for certain dates and locations. Also, you may have some difficulties getting last minute cruise deals or you may have some hitches in picking for certain cabins.

Thus, if you are planning on going for a vacation with your family, it is recommended you book on time- in advance.

In this way, it would be easy for you to select where you would like to sit. The keyword here is that if you want a specific cruise scenario, then booking early would be a better option.